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The Regenerative Livelihood Podcast

Dec 11, 2020

Matt and I continue the conversation from Episode 7 with lots of laughter, some open-hearted chat and reflections on the Holistic Decision Making work we have been learning together.

We talk about the experience of embedding into a landscape and the Welsh concept of "fro"; the value of traditional skills and knowledge whilst pursuing regenerative practices; finding the place to call home and learning skills on the land.

Matt also shares more of his vision for Henbant Farm and how this has shifted over time from a simple self-sufficiency smallholding to a farm business that builds soil, and then further to a farm that builds resilience in the local community and allows his family and the volunteers to thrive as individuals.

Watch/Listen to Matt's ode to Henbant on his Youtube Channel - guaranteed you will get a little bit teary and more than a bit fired up!