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The Regenerative Livelihood Podcast

Dec 24, 2020

Merry Solsticemas!!

In my last episode of the year I am sharing a slow and reflective episode to be enjoyed with a full belly on a long, frosty walk. My guest Dan Palmer is the lead author and "practical design process philosopher" behind the Making Permaculture Stronger project, a mix of blogs and podcasts which I HIGHLY recommend looking into. He has a PhD in Systems Thinking but much prefers chickens, and over the last ~15 years he has set up and co-founded several exciting happenings such as the (now international) Permablitz movement, a hugely successful design & build firm Very Edible Gardens, and the education-focused Holistic Decision Making and Designing For Life projects.

We talk about decision making, design and design process, and taking the reflective path of inquiry into what we might be looking for on our path towards a more regenerative livelihoods: a way of living that nourishes the soul, the land and our community, both on a deep and a mundane level.


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