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The Regenerative Livelihood Podcast

Mar 12, 2021


Josiah Meldrum is a co-founder of Hodmedod's, a side hustle gone wrong that now keeps him and many others in more than full-time employment. Josiah has a background in ecology and agricultural co-operatives, but his Masters in International Development led him to focus on regenerating the strength of local supply webs in Britain.......


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After writing a report on a just food transition commissioned by East Anglia Food Link, Josiah and co became obsessed with the disconnect between the crops in the fields and the communities that lived beside them, and thus Hodmedod's was born. The daily work of Hodmedod's is to bring farms, farmers, consumers and the food on your plate into closer connection through facilitating sales of British-grown staple foods, such as the mighty fava bean.


In this episode you will learn about a disruptive enterprise interupting business-as-usual arable farming of commodity crops; You will learn about the history of the broad bean in Britain; You will learn about how to create a sense of place thruogh regenerative supply webs; The novel idea of the Agroecological Premium as well as the Future Crops Fund; and a few insider tips on how to get going on your own regenerative business idea.


Quote of the episode:

"I prefer to think that we’re a node that brings transparency to a network and that we’re facilitating a relationship between the farm and the food on your plate...There needs to be a much more diverse picture and at the moment it’s a monoculture...of our minds, but also of the business models that are used to deliver food to us.”



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