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The Regenerative Livelihood Podcast

Aug 28, 2020


Today's conversation is with Thomas Riedmuller, co-founder of the two-year Sustainable Horticulture / Permaculture course available at Kinsale College for Further Education.


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Kinsale is a state-funded college in a quiet and beautiful corner of Ireland, that just so happens to host the world's first full-year, full-time adult education permaculture course! Thomas Riedmuller has been teaching on the course since its inception nearly twenty years ago, alongside developing a small ecovillage where he now lives and works.


The simplicity of the course's title belies the deep richness that it offers. As well as the typical gardening and design skills you might expect to learn on such a course, Thomas shares how the course focuses heavily on leadership skills, including conflict resolution and entrepreneurship.


I loved speaking to Thomas because of his candid style, and because he brings a depth of life experience as a mediator, father, designer and entrepreneur to his teachings. His unique perspective ties together many passions that I share, and I was inspired to hear about the long-term work that Thomas has invested in the international permaculture community and beyond.


If you're interested in enrolling with the College, applications are now open for all of their courses and the entry requirements are quite accessible.


Quote of the episode:

"I suffered burnout myself...I was seriously debilitated for months and I know many people in this line of passion and work who get burnt out and,'s bullshit! We need honest business models where people don't get burnt out."


Organisations and people mentioned:

Kinsale College for Further Education

Rob Hopkins - Co-founder of Transition Network

Transition Network

The Hollies - Centre for Practical Sustainability

Bantry Bay - Protect Our Native Kelp Forest



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Permanent Holiday - Mike Love