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The Regenerative Livelihood Podcast

Sep 24, 2020


Today's conversation is with Nikki Darrell, co-founder of The Plant Medicine School (and a billion and one other things) which runs one- to three-year certified courses in Community Herbalism based in Ireland, having recently moved to Co. Wexford.


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Nikki Darrell is an expert herbalist with over two decades spent working in intimate connection with the plants, having built on her training as a research biologist and botanist to become aware of the ways that many traditional cultures of the world approach healthcare holistically, and in communion with the plant communities native to their local ecology.


With the many years she has spent studying, researching, educating about and practicing herbal medicine, community resilience and purposeful enterprise, Nikki is a fount of wisdom worth taking the time for.


Looking back at this conversation I am somewhat blown away by Nikki's vision of world domination (by the plants, with us helping) and I'm feeling hufely grateful for the wealth of knowledge and experience she shares with us here. Her passion and deep affection for the health of plant and human communities alike is palpable throughout, as you will hear for yourself.


Quote of the episode:

"It is a vocation, and you know, a few people have said that to me, it's probably the reason I am alive...[but then] people say 'Ahh you're so lucky' and I tell them 'It was bloody. Hard. Work!'"


Organisations and people mentioned:

Veriditas Hibernica

The Plant Medicine School

University College Cork - Centre for Co-operative Studies


With gratitude:

For the music, Permanent Holiday by Mike Love

For the editing, originally cut by Ryan Sandford-Blackburn