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The Regenerative Livelihood Podcast

Oct 23, 2020


Today's conversation is with Feidhlim Harty, director of FH Wetland Systems Ltd. which is an Irish-based company designing and constructing wetland systems, and other solutions to domestic, commercial and agricultural waste.


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Feidhlim is a leader in wetland system design, having practiced for over two decades. He is also an influential writer, having written books about permaculture and wetland systems design and construction as well as two further books focused on zero waste lifestyles.


He shares with us his many years of experience in design and construction and reflects on his journey from a young, ambitious upstart to a leading authority on ecological waste treatment in wet temperate climates. He also introduces us to the enterprising spirit that his Quaker family impelled in him from a young age, his vision for wetland systems in every pub in every town and village, and discusses the possibilities of more regenerative livelihoods in this area of work.


Looking back at this conversation, I can easily take myself back to the room I recorded this conversation in, and the joy I had in speaking to Feidhlim at the time. I also remember taking away some real lessons which have really stuck with me in the two years since. I hope you, too, find nuggets of wisdom that help you on your way to live and work regeneratively.


Quote of the episode:

"Sustainability isn't even green, it's just not dying! It'd be nice to go an awful lot further...the current economic model inherently produces deserts and polluted rivers, it's what it does best."


Organisations and people mentioned:

FH Wetland Systems Ltd.


Permanent Publications


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Permanent Holiday by Mike Love

Motherland by Helen Yeomans