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The Regenerative Livelihood Podcast

Nov 6, 2020


Today's conversation is with Iain Findlay, co-founder of Green Grow Foods which is a mushroom growing business using zero waste principles to power their production processes.


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After decades of activism, Iain has finally fallen in love with mushrooms - and it shows! Having begun the latest chapter of his career as a consultant and educator in sustainability issues and circular economy principles, it soon became clear that the most powerful educational tool he could create was a model of what a circular business looks like.


He shares with us his journey from protester in the streets and Camp Piper at Occupy London, through burnout and out the other side as co-founder of a multi-award-winning business producing delicious, nutritious and "functional" foods. He also introduces his vision for the Green Grow Club as a way of spreading the knowledge and skills of medium-scale mushroom growing and for helping new growers find a market for their produce.


In reflection, what really struck me about Iain was the sheer number of projects, protests and businesses he has been involved with over several decades. As we note early on in the conversation, his life as an environmentalist began before I was born - which gives me food for thought when it comes to evaluating which direction I should be taking next in order to move forward my regenerative livelihood.


Quote of the episode:

"We're not just a company that sells these little food pouches that you can cook in half an hour, no - we've got a bigger agenda...[thinking like this, you] end up creating a product that is nutritious [and] helps to regenerate the biosphere. Fights cancer, doesn't create it; Fights depression, doesn't create it; Fights obesity, doesn't create it. It's a win win win, it just keeps going!"


Organisations and events mentioned:

Aurora Sustainability Group Integrative Solutions

Green Grow Foods

Climate Launchpad

VIBES - Scottish Environment Business Awards

Greenpeace Glasgow

Faslane Peace Camps

Pollok Free State

Talamh Life Centre

Alliance for Water Stewardship

Occupy London

COP1 in Berlin


Music credits:

Permanent Holiday by Mike Love

Unto This Land by Helen Yeomans